the Witch

⚡️ What is the Witch about ?

In the enchanting second installment of this delightful fantasy series, House witch Finlay Ashowan must confront an array of challenges, both mundane and magical. With a talent for domestic sorcery, Finlay prefers order and tidiness in all aspects of his life, from his kitchen to his romantic relationships. However, as he finds himself entangled in his duties to the royal family of Daxaria and embarking on a secret romance with Lady Annika Jenoure, chaos begins to ensue.

In order for their love to thrive, Finlay and Annika must navigate the complexities arising from Fin’s commoner status, which threatens to sabotage their bond. Additionally, the imminent war with Troivack looms overhead, adding pressure to Finlay’s already demanding schedule. When he manages to secure some time off, Fin is presented with a unique mission by the king—he must venture into the dangerous streets of Austice as a spy to gather vital information on the enemy’s plans.

As if that weren’t enough, Fin’s estranged father unexpectedly arrives in Daxaria, stirring up further turmoil in his life. With new alliances forming and old feuds reemerging, Fin is embroiled in courtly intrigues and personal predicaments, forcing him to confront his own inner demons. As he valiantly tries to untangle the mess around him, he realizes that his journey has only just begun.

Enter the enchanting world of this bestselling romantic-fantasy series, with its whimsical charm and million-view popularity on Royal Road. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary tale as it continues to unfold, available now on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible. Join Finlay Ashowan on his captivating adventure filled with love, comedy, magic, and epic sword and sorcery battles.

📖 Who should read the Witch?

People Who Should Read This Book:
– Fans of romantic-fantasy genre
– Readers who enjoy whimsical and epic fantasy novels
– Those interested in stories about magic and witches
– People looking for a mix of romance, comedy, and adventure in a book
– Fans of the first book in the series

It is advisable to read this book because it continues the captivating story of House witch Finlay Ashowan, who must navigate matters of love, family, and kingdom. The book promises to deliver enchanting domestic magic, courtly intrigues, and personal struggles, keeping readers engaged from beginning to end. With its blend of romance, fantasy, and humor, the book offers a delightful and captivating reading experience.

💡 What will you learn in the Witch ?

From this book, “The Witch,” you can learn:

1. The challenges of keeping a secret relationship: The main character, Finlay Ashowan, must navigate the difficulties of being in a hidden romance with Lady Annika while dealing with societal expectations and potential political marriages.

2. The complexities of balancing personal and professional responsibilities: Finlay is not only a house witch but also works for the King and Queen of Daxaria. He learns how to manage his duties and find time for himself amidst increasing pressure, including the impending war.

3. The importance of forging new friendships and alliances: As Finlay becomes more involved in courtly intrigues and old feuds, he discovers the value of building connections, both magical and non-magical, to help him navigate through personal problems and solve mysteries.

4. The consequences of parental relationships: Finlay’s estranged father’s unexpected arrival disrupts his life and adds more complications. The book explores the impact of family dynamics and the challenges it poses for Finlay.

5. The continuation of a whimsical and winning fantasy series: “The Witch” is the second volume of a popular romantic-fantasy series and offers a mix of romance, comedy, epic fantasy elements, magic, and engaging characters.

6. Various themes and elements: The book touches upon other themes such as epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, magic, recipes, love, and comedy, blending them together to create an entertaining and enchanting story.

Overall, “The Witch” provides an engaging tale filled with romance, intrigue, and personal growth, while further delving into the magical world and adventures of Finlay Ashowan.

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