⚡️ What is Patriotism about ?

Virginia Woolf:

With the specter of the First World War looming over the horizon, its centenary anniversary whispered through the winds, Canadian communities orchestrated poignant commemorations in homage to the valiant servicemen who boldly paved the path towards a liberated and independent nation. However, overshadowed by these victorious tales of heroism and self-sacrifice are the untold narratives of those who fortified the war efforts from the chambers of their homes. The Frontier of Patriotism beckons readers to embark on an immersive exploration of Alberta’s multifaceted involvement in the tempestuous war, its tendrils reaching far beyond the battlegrounds and into the very core of communal strength. Curated by a diverse array of erudite contributors, consisting of forty essays, this anthology draws avidly upon national and local archives, unearthing the dormant testimonies forever etched in letters, diaries, and memoirs birthed from the relentless chaos that enveloped the era. By dissecting the personal anecdotes contained within its pages, readers will bear witness to a tapestry intricately woven with valor, resilience, and unity, intermingled generously with disillusionment and animosity birthed from the harrowing aftermath of war. Distilling the essence of Canadian identity, The Frontier of Patriotism transcends local histories, connecting the individual and the collective in a harmonious symphony of nostalgia and enlightenment. A magnum opus bequeathed unto us by the antiquity of September 19, 2016, served and fortified by the University of Calgary Press, it sifts through epochs and articulates the intimate nuances that embody the enigma of what it truly signifies to be Canadian. Revering Alberta’s critical and transformative years can no longer be confined within solitary tales of grandeur or despair. Those willing to engage on this spirited odyssey shall find solace and enlightenment upon turning its 1041 pages, unraveling the secrets and wisdom hidden within. Language ceases to bind as emotions spring forth with unrivaled fervor while absorbing the magnetic intrigue of The Frontier of Patriotism. Open your heart, and voyage bravely into its intricate depths.
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📖 Who should read Patriotism?

People who should read this book Patriotism are:

1. History enthusiasts: This book provides a comprehensive and in-depth look at Alberta’s involvement in the First World War, making it an invaluable resource for those interested in studying this period of history.

2. Albertans: The book delves into the experiences of Albertans both on the battlefield and at home during the war, offering a unique perspective on how the war impacted their lives. It is advisable for Albertans to read this book to gain a deeper understanding of their history and heritage.

3. Canadians: By exploring regional and local stories alongside the national narrative, this book helps readers understand what it means to be Canadian and how the First World War shaped the country. It is recommended for Canadians who want to explore their country’s history and identity.

4. Scholars and researchers: With contributions from various authors and extensive use of archival resources, this book serves as a valuable reference for scholars and researchers interested in studying the First World War, Alberta’s role in it, and its impact on Canadian society.

Reading this book is advisable because it sheds light on often overlooked aspects of the war, such as the experiences of those who supported the soldiers from home. It offers a balanced view of individual valour, community sacrifices, disillusionment, and anger, giving readers a more nuanced understanding of the war’s effects. Furthermore, the use of primary sources like letters, diaries, memoirs, and newspaper accounts adds a personal and relatable dimension to the history. Overall, reading this book will provide a deeper appreciation for the significance of the First World War in Alberta and Canada’s history.

💡 What will you learn in Patriotism ?

1. The book provides a comprehensive look at Alberta’s involvement in the First World War, both on the battlefield and on the home front. It covers a wide range of topics and perspectives, presenting a thorough understanding of the war experience in Alberta.
2. Through letters, diaries, and memoirs of individuals who experienced the war, readers gain insight into the personal experiences and emotions of Albertans during this time. This personal perspective adds depth and humanizes the historical events.
3. The book explores the different ways the war shaped the lives of Albertans, including individual acts of bravery and sacrifice, as well as the disillusionment and anger experienced by others. It presents a nuanced understanding of the diverse effects of the war on society.
4. By highlighting regional and local stories alongside the national narrative, the book helps readers understand the commonalities and distinctiveness of Canadian identity. It provides a deeper understanding of what it means to be Canadian in the context of war.
5. The book draws heavily on national and local archival resources, including accounts in local newspapers. This demonstrates the extensive research conducted by the contributors and adds credibility to the information presented.
6. Overall, readers will gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of the First World War in Alberta and its lasting impact on the province and its people. The book offers a comprehensive and nuanced examination of this critical period in Canadian history.

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