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Globalisation and Nationalism, two of the dominant forces in the modern world, have sparked numerous debates and discussions among scholars and intellectuals. These phenomena have shaped the course of our societies, but their relationship and impact on each other remain complex and contentious topics. The question arises: What is the true nature of their interaction? How has globalisation influenced nationalism, and in turn, how has nationalism responded to this wave of global integration? Additionally, in this age of globalisation and resurgence of nationalism, what does patriotism truly mean and how is it being redefined? These thought-provoking questions call for a comprehensive analysis that delves into the theories of acclaimed international scholars. In this book, we explore the repercussions of globalisation, effects of nationalism, examine the ethics of patriotism, and venture into the realms of extremism and disparity that exist in our modern world. It is a journey to unveil the intricate workings of our time, as both globalisation and nationalism play integral roles in shaping our society.

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Y’all ever wonder about this whole globalisation and nationalism stuff? I mean, seriously, it’s like these two forces are like fire and ice, clashing together every day. And with globalisation booming in the ’90s, people were going nuts thinking it would eliminate nationalism and power up international organizations like the UN. Well, let me burst your bubble, folks. It didn’t quite turn out that way. Business big shots, tech gurus, and money moguls all joined forces to push for more global integration. We got fancy-schmancy groups like the World Trade Organisation, G20, and International Criminal Court emerging, handling cross-border issues that popped up in this globalized world. Meanwhile, the European Union was strutting its stuff, trying to show off its political model for the 21st century. But hey, the story doesn’t end there. Nope, not by a long shot. We gotta talk about how this globalization thing shook up the meaning of state citizenship, whether we still have distinct cultures, and if national borders are even relevant anymore. It’s all a big ol’ mess, and we can’t agree if globalization’s weakening or strengthening nationalism. People out there arguing it both ways, saying it’s either killing national identity or sparking a rebellion against it. And then you got this third group, talking about how nationalism is turning extreme, with all this cultural authoritarianism going on. So, in the end, globalization and nationalism dance this crazy tango, tangled up in a web of conflicts and cooperation. And right in the middle of it all is patriotism, that love for your own country, butting heads with nationalism, which urges you to love your country, right or wrong. You might think folks would applaud patriotism, but nah, some globalists brush it off, while hard-core nationalists consider it treason to question anything. Democracy ain’t always as free and accepting as we’d like, my friends. Just remember what Charles de Gaulle said, “Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first. Nationalism is when hate for people other than your own comes first.” Powerful stuff, huh? Well, listen up, ’cause in this here book, we gonna dive into all these theories, study globalisation’s impact, nationalism’s effects, and even delve into patriotism’s ethics. So grab your seat, buckle up, ’cause this ride is gonna be wild!
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📖 Who should read Patriotism?

List of people who should read this book “Patriotism”:

1. Globalists: This book provides an analysis of the impact of globalisation on nationalism and the redefinition of patriotism in the age of globalisation. It explores the relationship between globalisation and national identity, addressing varying opinions and perspectives.

Explanation: Globalists, who believe in the benefits of globalisation, should read this book to gain a comprehensive understanding of how globalisation has influenced nationalism and examine the implications for patriotism.

Note: The list could potentially include individuals interested in political science, international relations, sociology, and current affairs, or anyone seeking knowledge on the relationship between globalisation, nationalism, and patriotism. This book offers insights into the debate surrounding these topics by analyzing theories from leading scholars and examining the impacts of globalisation and nationalism on ethics, extremism, and disparity.

💡 What will you learn in Patriotism ?

From this book, you can learn the following:

1. The relationship between nationalism and globalisation: The book explores the impact of globalisation on nationalism and how these two phenomena are interconnected.

2. The effects of globalisation on national identity: The book discusses the debates surrounding whether globalisation strengthens or weakens national identity and how it has shaped the concepts of citizenship and national borders.

3. Different perspectives on the interaction between globalisation and nationalism: The book presents various viewpoints on how globalisation and nationalism have influenced each other, including arguments that globalisation reinforces national feelings and arguments that it leads to cultural authoritarianism and extremism.

4. The distinction between patriotism and nationalism: The book examines the difference between patriotism, which is seen as a defensive love for one’s own country, and nationalism, which is associated with the desire for power.

5. Criticism and analysis of extremism and disparities in an age of globalisation and resurgence of nationalism: The book analyzes the ethical aspects of patriotism and the negative consequences of extreme forms of nationalism.

6. Development of critical thinking skills regarding globalisation, nationalism, and patriotism: The book provides theoretical insights from leading international scholars, encouraging readers to engage in critical reflection and analysis of these complex and timely topics.

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