⚡️ What is Patriotism about ?

In this captivating piece of literature, Jeff Sharlet, a renowned American journalist and essayist, delves into the tumultuous undercurrents of a nation on the brink of collapse. With his keen insight and unmatched storytelling prowess, Sharlet unravels the intricate web of religious ideology and political turmoil that plagues the American psyche. “The Undertow” is both a deep exploration and a contemplative journey, as Sharlet seeks to decipher the bewildering transformation of reactionary impulses into all-encompassing delusions, divisions into deep-seated distrust, and paranoia into outlandish fantasies of violence. Through his provocative narrative, Sharlet uncovers the unsettling reality of a society that glorifies materialism over spirituality, where once peaceful domains now echo with calls to war and theological misuse. Bridging disparate worlds, he reflects upon the sobering decline of empathy and the rise of exalted vengeance, simultaneously offering homage to those defiant souls fighting for justice and freedom in a country teetering on the precipice of its own undoing. Poignantly framed against the backdrop of a pandemic-stricken world and the alarming ascent of fascism, “The Undertow” provides an essential testament that demands reflection upon past blunders while illuminating a path towards an America that embodies the ideals it has long yearned for but is yet to embrace fully.
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📖 Who should read Patriotism?

List of people who should read this book “Patriotism”:

1. Politicians and policymakers: This book offers an unparalleled understanding of the religious dimensions of American politics, shedding light on the dangerous currents fueling division and distrust in the nation. Policymakers can gain valuable insights into the roots of societal challenges.

2. Social commentators and journalists: For those seeking to analyze and comprehend the complex dynamics shaping modern America, this book provides a deep dive into the delusions, paranoia, and fantasies that have seeped into society. It serves as a vital resource for meaningful commentary.

3. Activists and advocates for justice: By exposing the lies, greed, and glorification of war, this book calls for a reckoning with the state of the nation. Activists can draw inspiration from the stories of courage and communities striving for a just and equitable America.

4. Scholars of sociology and political science: With its exploration of grief, uncertainty, and rising fascism, this book offers invaluable insights into the social and political landscape of contemporary America. It serves as a rich source for academic research and analysis.

5. Citizens seeking a deeper understanding: Regardless of one’s role or profession, every concerned citizen can benefit from reading this book. It presents a critical examination of the failures of the past decade while offering a vision for a better future, grounded in justice and freedom for all.

💡 What will you learn in Patriotism ?

Here are 5 things you can learn from this book about Patriotism:

1. The powerful currents beneath a nation coming apart: The book delves into the underlying forces that contribute to the division and unraveling of a nation, exploring how reactions, delusions, distrust, paranoia, and violence can take root.

2. The role of religion in American politics: The author examines the religious dimensions of American politics, shedding light on how “men of God” can glorify materialism, religious movements can become centered around greed and war, and political rallies can resemble religious revivals.

3. Heightened emotions and extremism on the far right: The book explores how emotions like love, fear, and anger can be intensified to dangerous levels, leading to adulation, vengeance, and white-hot rage among far-right extremists.

4. The rise of conspiracies and fantasies: The author discusses the role of conspiratorial fears and fantasies in shaping the discourse and actions of individuals, including the 45th president and those who see martyrs in individuals like Ashli Babbitt.

5. Courage and hope for a better America: Amidst the bleak exploration of divisions and failures, the book also brings attention to the courage and hope of those who believe in a different vision of America, dedicated to justice, freedom, and a community that is yet to be fully realized.

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