⚡️ What is Patriotism about ?

In Beyond Patriotism, the author delves into the captivating notion that a significant number of Americans have transcended their adherence to national identity and embraced a realm of post-national existence. These individuals prioritize the greater good of humanity above patriotism or national honor. Charting a course from the Vietnam War to the bold endeavor of reinstating Pol Pot’s regime in power, and onwards to the harsh sanctions imposed on Iraq, this thought-provoking book scrutinizes the decisions made by post-national people. Instead of bemoaning the eclipse of traditional patriotism, the author passionately contends that these enlightened souls ought to commend themselves for attaining a level of moral maturity. The text exhorts readers to introspectively ponder the causes of nationalism’s bankruptcy, to deliberate what actions America should undertake to pacify the world, to consider the debt they owe to their native land, and ultimately, to ponder the obligations they bear towards themselves. With an ASIN of B006H24I9E and published by Imprint Academic on November 10, 2011, Beyond Patriotism adeptly and eloquently navigates the complexities of this weighty subject matter. Spanning 246 pages, this thought-stirring work presents a unique perspective that prompts readers to reassess their own understanding of patriotism and its place in contemporary society.
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📖 Who should read Patriotism?

People who should read this book are:
– Individuals who are interested in understanding the concept of post-nationalism and its implications.
– Those who question the role of patriotism in society and seek alternative perspectives on loyalty and national identity.
– Activists or advocates for global peace and cooperation.
– Political science or international relations students, researchers, or scholars.
– Readers who want to explore critical thinking about nationalism, moral maturity, and America’s role in the world.
– Individuals looking to examine their own beliefs and values surrounding patriotism and national identity.

It is advisable to read this book because it challenges traditional notions of patriotism and provides an insightful analysis of the decisions and events that shaped contemporary post-nationalist ideology. By exploring the motivations behind activism and pacifism, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding nationalism and its impact on global affairs. This book encourages individuals to critically reflect on their own beliefs and consider alternative approaches to nurturing a more inclusive and collaborative world.

💡 What will you learn in Patriotism ?

Here are three things you can learn from the ebook “Patriotism”:

1. The concept of post-nationalism: The book argues that there is a growing number of Americans who prioritize the well-being of humanity over patriotism or national honor. These individuals are referred to as “post-national” people. You will learn about their perspective and the decisions that have shaped their beliefs.

2. Critique of nationalism: The ebook discusses why nationalism is considered bankrupt or outdated. It delves into topics such as the Vietnam War, the attempt to restore power to Pol Pot in Cambodia, and sanctions against Iraq. Through these examples, you will gain an understanding of the problems and limitations associated with nationalism.

3. Reflection on moral maturity: Rather than lamenting the prominence of patriotism, the book encourages post-national individuals to congratulate themselves on reaching moral maturity. It explores the importance of clarifying one’s thinking about their obligations to their native land, to themselves, and what America can do to promote peace in the world.

These key points will help you gain a deeper understanding of “Patriotism” and its exploration of post-nationalism, critique of nationalism, and reflection on moral maturity.

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