⚡️ What is Patriotism about ?

Open to the chords and lyrical rhythms of Americana, this captivating collection spans the breadth of American music history. From the tender hymns sung by weary pilgrims to the soaring anthems of the Revolutionary War, these spirited fingerstyle guitar arrangements illuminate the diverse tapestry of our great nation’s musical heritage. Delving into the wealth of diverse cultural influences that shaped America, these tunes include traditional British folk ballads transformed into beloved colonial pop songs, soul-stirring spirituals, battle hymns of the Civil War, and heartfelt pioneer frontier ballads. Seamlessly blending musical tradition with the evocative power of solo instrumental guitar, players of all skill levels will find themselves enraptured by the rich melodies that resonate from these strings. Magnificently rendered in both standard notation and tablature, this meticulously researched anthology celebrates the staggering legacy of early America, reminding us all of the incomparable privilege it is to call this land home.
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📖 Who should read Patriotism?

People who should read this book “Patriotism” are:
1. History enthusiasts: This book offers a musical snapshot of early America, providing insight into the country’s heritage.
2. Music lovers: These arrangements cover a wide range of American music genres, offering heartfelt melodies that can be enjoyed by players of all levels.
3. Guitarists: The solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements in this book tap into the rich polyphonic nature of the guitar, making it particularly appealing to guitar players.
4. Those interested in American culture: This book includes early hymns, war tunes, colonial pop songs, sea chanteys, spirituals, and more, giving readers a glimpse into different aspects of American culture.
By reading this book, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of American history, enhance their musical skills, and explore the diverse musical traditions of the United States.

💡 What will you learn in Patriotism ?

1. Learn about the diverse range of American music: The book covers a wide spectrum of American music, including hymns, war tunes, folk ballads, sea chanteys, spirituals, and more. It offers a comprehensive exploration of different musical genres that were part of early America.

2. Gain an understanding of the historical context: The selected songs have been extensively researched and offer a musical snapshot of early America. By learning and playing these songs, readers can get a sense of the historical and cultural heritage of the country.

3. Discover heartfelt melodies: The arrangements in this book were chosen for their heartfelt melodies. By playing these songs, readers can experience the emotions and sentiments expressed through the music.

4. Learn solo fingerstyle guitar techniques: The arrangements are specifically adapted for solo instrumental guitar. As readers practice and master these arrangements, they can improve their fingerstyle guitar techniques and explore the polyphonic nature of the instrument.

5. Suitable for players of all levels: Although the arrangements tap into the rich polyphonic nature of the guitar, they are enjoyable for players of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you can appreciate and play these songs.

6. Written in standard notation and tablature: The book provides the arrangements in both standard notation and tablature, making it accessible to guitarists who are comfortable with either notation system.

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