⚡️ What is Mind about ?

In his daring and imaginative masterpiece, “My Brilliant, Resilient Mind,” esteemed author Christina Furnival takes readers on an unprecedented journey through the powerful yet often overlooked world of a child’s mind. With the expertise of a licensed mental health therapist and the heart of a loving mother, Furnival skillfully addresses the pressing concerns shared by countless parents today. How do we assist our children in cultivating a positive mindset, particularly when confronted with adversity? How can we instill resilience in them so that they may overcome obstacles and bounce back from life’s trials with grace? And, perhaps most significantly, how can we aid them in recognizing and overcoming destructive thought patterns before they engulf their emotions? Through the enchanting tale of twin protagonists, Furnival explores the transformative power of reframing thoughts, gaining perspective, and harnessing the extraordinary potential of one’s own mind. Emboldening and enlightening, this rhyming masterpiece offers valuable tools that equip children with the necessary instruments to surmount life’s challenges with courage and unwavering determination.
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📖 Who should read Mind?

Parents, caregivers, and educators should read this book to help children develop positive thinking skills and resilience. It provides strategies for recognizing and reframing problematic thoughts, empowering children to bounce back from hardships and overcome obstacles. By equipping children with these tools, they can improve their emotional well-being and navigate challenges successfully.

💡 What will you learn in Mind ?

From this ebook, you can learn:

1. How to help your child think more positively, even when facing a problem.
Explanation: The book provides strategies and techniques to teach children how to reframe their thoughts in a more positive and helpful way, even in challenging situations.

2. How to help your child be more resilient.
Explanation: The author shares tips and lessons on how to help children bounce back from hardship and develop resilience. This includes recognizing problematic thinking and finding ways to remain resilient in the face of difficulties.

3. How to help your child recognize problematic thinking before it takes over their emotions.
Explanation: The book offers guidance on how to assist children in becoming aware of unhelpful thoughts and emotions and teaches them methods to replace these with more balanced and constructive thinking.

Overall, this ebook aims to empower children to overcome obstacles, improve their lives, and develop a brilliant, resilient mind.

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