⚡️ What is Mind about ?

“You drive for show, you putt for dough.” This famous saying captures the essence of the game of golf, where the putter can truly make or break a player’s success on the greens. Dr. Bob Rotella, a renowned golf authority and bestselling author, understands the significance of putting like no other. In his book Putting Out of Your Mind, Rotella delves into the mental and psychological aspects of putting, offering readers an enlightening and enjoyable guide to mastering this essential skill. Drawing from his previous works Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect and Golf Is a Game of Confidence, Rotella emphasizes the crucial role of putting in achieving an improved golf game. With real-life anecdotes from esteemed players like Davis Love III, David Duvall, and Brad Faxon, as well as a wide range of practice drills, Putting Out of Your Mind has become the go-to resource for aspiring golfers wanting to elevate their putting game.
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📖 Who should read Mind?

List of people who should read this book:

1. Beginner golfers: This book provides valuable insights and guidance on the often overlooked aspect of putting. It can serve as a foundation for developing strong putting skills from the start.

2. Intermediate golfers: Even if you are already comfortable with the basics of golf, improving your putting skills can significantly enhance your overall game. This book offers mental strategies and practice drills to help take your putting to the next level.

3. Advanced/professional golfers: Putting is a crucial skill in golf, and even the best players can benefit from honing their putting techniques. Dr. Bob Rotella’s advice and lessons have helped championship-winning golfers, making it worthwhile for any advanced or professional golfer.

Why it is advisable to read this book:

1. Unique mental approach: The book delves into the mental side of putting, highlighting the importance of the right mindset to master this crucial skill. Rotella’s insights can help golfers improve their mental game and enhance their performance on the green.

2. Game-changing tips: Putting Out of Your Mind offers real-life examples and success stories from professional golfers, along with numerous practice drills. These practical exercises can help golfers of all levels refine their putting and achieve better results on the course.

3. Trusted author: Dr. Bob Rotella is a highly respected golf authority and best-selling author. The principles and techniques he presents in his previous books, such as Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect and Golf Is a Game of Confidence, have had a positive impact on the games of countless golfers. Trusting his expertise and applying his teachings can lead to tangible improvements in one’s putting abilities.

💡 What will you learn in Mind ?

From the ebook “Mind”, readers can learn the following things:

1. The importance of putting in golf: The book emphasizes that putting is a crucial aspect of the game and often overlooked, yet great players understand its importance and work to master it.

2. The mental approach to great putting: Dr. Bob Rotella reveals a unique mental approach to achieve great putting skills. He provides insights into the attitude and mindset needed to become a better putter.

3. True-life stories of champion putters: The ebook shares real-life stories of successful golfers like Davis Love III, David Duvall, and Brad Faxon. These accounts provide inspiration and lessons from their journey to becoming champion putters.

4. Game-changing practice drills: Putting Out of Your Mind offers numerous practice drills that can help both amateurs and professionals improve their putting skills. These drills could potentially revolutionize a golfer’s training routine and enhance their game.

Overall, Mind aims to guide golfers of all levels in understanding the significance of putting, mastering the mental aspect of solid putting, and providing practical strategies for improvement.

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