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J.R.R. Tolkien:

In a land far from Bilbo Baggins and the Shire, lies a tale of fate and unexpected encounters. Nora Stephens, a woman decidedly content in the realm of books, embarks on a journey to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina. Her motives? To accompany her beloved sister Libby on a transformative trip. But little does Nora know that this picturesque town holds more than quaint picnics and charming encounters. Instead, she repeatedly crosses paths with Charlie Lastra, a brooding editor from her past, and the events that unfold are nothing short of marvelous literary serendipity. As their stories intertwine, Nora and Charlie unravel the carefully crafted narratives they’ve constructed for themselves, discovering hidden facets beneath the surface. The Body Keeps the Score: Brain about?). Here’s the data for you to write “One of my favorite authors.”—Colleen Hoover
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People who enjoy insightful and delightful novels, fans of the author Emily Henry, readers of romance and women’s fiction, book lovers who enjoy stories set in small towns, individuals interested in personal transformation and self-discovery.

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Unfortunately, based on the provided information, it is not clear what book you are referring to. Can you please provide the title or author of the book?

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